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With KamuSpeak, you can reach your goals by making effective voiceovers by just typing the text you want!

No Boundaries

KamuSpeak works with any language where the text you type will be converted to voice without any bounds!

Materialise your Ideas

With KamuSpeak, you can materialise your ideas like a presentation, video or anything with an excellent voiceover!

Checkout Our Features

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KamuSpeak comes with an affordable and elaborate pricing plan to suit all your voiceover needs!

  • Unbeatable Standard Voices
  • Exclusive AI Neural Voices
  • Great limits to scale more

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  • 5000 Standard Voice Characters
  • 20000 AI Neural Voice Characters
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Auto-renew quota every month!
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What Our Clients are Saying About KamuSpeak?

  • I am in love with KamuSpeak. I have used so many TTS software in the past but none of them compare to the quality of sound that comes out of KamuSpeak. I also like how it can work on any Windows PC meaning my mom is able to use it without having to download anything or buy anything new. KamuSpeak is really awesome!

    Minta Hadad

  • I've been looking for a TTS software that can read my scripts and emails and I found KamuSpeak. It has the best feature set and the highest quality out of any other TTS software. I'm just amazed by how realistic it sounds! I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to have audio files of their script or email read by an AI!

    Sherman Cibrian

  • I have been looking for a text to speech software that was as good as the human voice for a while now. I used a few options and they were all limited to very very small number of characters. I finally decided to use KamuSpeak and I was blown away by how it sounds and the high usage limits! The voice is spot on and you can't even tell it's not a human speaking. It's worth every cent!

    Adrianne Hagans

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Our email address is and you can always email us for clarification of your queries!

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Yes, we do! Kindly check to view our lifetime deal!


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